[CT Birds] Bridgeport

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Sat Mar 3 19:34:44 EST 2012

Hi folks

I Covered Ash Creek to Bridgeport Harbor. Also I covered Beardsley  
Pk. and Lake Forest
The sky was overcast with periods of rain. Fog off shore was dense  
enough so that one could not see the end of the harbor breakwaters.
These are the highlights

Brant 580 (Most all over the lawns on the west end Seaside Pk)
American Wigeon 81 (In the fountain pond at Seaside Pk., no Euro- 
wigeon but, there was one really pale female)
Ring-necked Duck 6 (Lake Forest)
Greater Scaup	268	(140 birds were inside the mouth of Ash Creek,  
never seen there before, the rest were inside Black Rock Harbor, but  
scattered about in small groups, not one raft)
Lesser Scaup	16 (in with the Greater Scaup)
Common Merganser	16 (Lake Forest)
Ruddy Duck	5 (Lake Forest)
Double-crested Cormorant	1 im (Beardsley Pk. at the dam)
American Coot	2	(Beasrsley Pk. with the fed Mallards)
Ring-billed Gull	510 (At Seaside Pk. only)
Herring Gull	253 (At Seaside Pk. only)
Great-black-backed Gull	7 (At Seaside Pk. only)
Horned Lark	40 (At west end of Seaside Pk)

Dennis Varza

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