[CT Birds] Swans in Eastford

Robert Bitondi rjbitondi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 15:24:53 EST 2012

Looked at the three swans present in the Natchaug Beaver Dam Marsh,
Eastford at 1400 today, far off but in good light.   Looking at my fuzzy
pictures of them, my reaction:

Going by Sibley's comparison (link below), the bills don't seem that big,
and I can't see any "pointed border" between forehead and bill---more of a
straight line. The crown shape is round and this helps give the suggestion
of a sloped look from the forehead to the tip. One bird's bill seems a tad
larger than the other two but still doesn't suggest the "massive bill" of
Trumpeter to me.   More on the subjective side, they don't seem like huge
swans when compared with the Ringed Necks and Hooded Mergansers swimming
around them (I know, not the best measure).  So, I think Tundra, for what
that's worth, but I hope more experts will look at them.

Many thanks to Don Morgan for this one!

Bob Bitondi

Sibley Swans<http://www.sibleyguides.com/2006/02/distinguishing-trumpeter-and-tundra-swans/>

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