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Frank and Dennis-
A few weeks ago I was up at Circle beach in Madison/Guilford to see the Iceland Gull.  There was a big gull flock- mixed but mostly Herring- and at one point they scattered widely and looking up, a raptor soared in- not an Eagle but a Red-shouldered Hawk.  I thought it a bit underwhelming myself.  (There were Eagles in the neighborhood, however- perhaps the gulls were already skittish)
Now that I think of it, I also had a Peregrine Falcon create the same excitement among gulls in Greenwich Harbor a month or so ago.  Those were mainly Ring-billed.
-Sean Murtha
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Hi Dennis,
A Bald Eagle is about  the only regular raptor that will flush a flock of gulls, 
usually.   I've seen it happen many times (in CT, MA, ME, etc.), whereas a 
Peregrine  puts up a gull flock only occasionally.

I saw no large numbers  of gulls off the Stratford coast this afternoon.

Frank Mantlik

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