[CT Birds] Red-shouldered Hawk sad news

eyeflight16 at optonline.net eyeflight16 at optonline.net
Fri Mar 9 15:07:32 EST 2012

Unfortunately, the Red-shouldered Hawks that I posted about earlier in the year at my school have become a bigger problem. There have been more "attacks" and more people have gotten "hurt", although I am so frustrated because everything has become so grossly exaggerated by the students, staff, and parents. Anyway, the male of the pair was captured today by members of the Department of Agriculture, and he will supposedly be kept in captivity for a year, hoping that this will make the female move on or it will lessen the pair's aggressiveness towards humans. This doesn't make much sense to me, but there's nothing I can do about it now. I guess these actions were necessary, but that doesn't make me feel any better about it. 

I guess I just can't seem to stop thinking that these people aren't getting the big picture: the birds aren't infringing on our territory, we are infringing on theirs. I guess I won't be able to observe these beautiful and majestic birds outside the window during class anymore. Sorry for being so depressing, I just don't think it's right given the exaggeration of their "attacks".

James Purcell

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