[CT Birds] Wangunk Meadows Heron Rookery

Anthony Antonovitz antonovitz at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 10 19:58:33 EST 2012

Late this afternoon I visited the GBH rookery in Portland. Counted 85  
herons. Mostly standing upright on the nests, some adding new branches  
to nests.
No apparent sitting on eggs. Also 50 Ring-Necked ducks and a few  
Mallards. Heard a few woodpeckers drilling. Many RWB and Grackles. 3  
Strangely only 2 Canada Geese in the cornfield, none on the water.
The rookery is best viewed in the morning. I could only see the herons  
in silhouette late in the day.

Tony Antonovitz

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