[CT Birds] Sunday, the Norwalk Islands

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Mon Mar 12 06:36:39 EDT 2012

Hi Folks

Larry Flynn and I took a quick trip to the islands looking for  
Barnacle Gulls. The wind was strong out of the southwest (15 mph) and  
not favorable for the mission, but  it was the day we had available.  
There were a lot of white caps out there so we stayed close to the  
islands and didn't get to the deep water where most of the scoters  
have been staying.

We did get to see some gulls feeding on barnacle larvae. They were  
off Saugatuck Shores Westport with the wind and wave pushing the  
plume to the east at the mouth of the Saugatuck River. We were in the  
area around 1:30 and the flock was still growing.
We estimated about 700 birds, half and half Ring-billed  and  
Herrings. The Ring-billed Gulls were from the mainland while the  
Herring Gulls were flying in from the islands as we watched. We tried  
to get some video but the water was too rough to hold the camera steady.

Dennis Varza

Norwalk, Norwalk Islands, 11:15  to 2:00 with Larry Flynn.
Travel was mostly close to the inner islands due the west winds.

Brant	300
Canada Goose	4
American Wigeon	12
American Black Duck	200
Mallard	10
Lesser Scaup	2
Greater Scaup	800
Long-tailed Duck	250
White-winged Scoter	3	We were unable to go out to the deep water  
where the scoters have been staying this winter
Bufflehead	28
Common Goldeneye	72
Red-breasted Merganser	32
Osprey	1	The bird was two weeks ahead of the expected date
Red-throated Loon	2
Horned Grebe	1
Double-crested Cormorant	1
Great Blue Heron	1
American Coot	1
American Oystercatcher	1	The bird was two weeks ahead of the expected  
Ring-billed Gull	3
Herring Gull	750
Great Black-backed Gull	80
Fish Crow	15

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