[CT Birds] New Britain update

busterggi at aol.com busterggi at aol.com
Mon Mar 12 12:14:08 EDT 2012

A small group of Grackles ( 4 - 6) visited the yard this weekend joining my regulars.  Also spotted my first 2 Robins in my neighbor's yard this morning.  In the ongoing feeder war the news is bad - squirrels 2, me 0 but I'll keep on trying.  

Got a great look at a Red-Tailed Hawk on the way to work this morning as it took off from the ground on the median on 91-S.  Also got to see 3 Ravens in New Haven, they don't seem completely comfortable on lightposts.

For those who are good with identifying calls - there was a bird in my other neighbor's yard this morning which I couldn't get a good look at but its call sounded sort of like "tippie-toe, tippie-toe", can anyone tell me what this was?

Bob Jase

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