[CT Birds] Menunkatuck Audubon Society Meeting Wednesday

Dennis Riordan driordan at snet.net
Mon Mar 12 14:41:55 EDT 2012

Creating Habitat Oases for Migrating Songbirds

Wednesday, March 14, 7:30-9:00 p.m.

Blackstone Memorial Library, Branford, CT

Michelle Frankel, a Conservation Biologist with Audubon Connecticut, will present Creating Habitat Oases for Migrating Songbirds on March 14.

Audubon chapters can play an important role in monitoring and providing critical habitat for declining species of migratory songbirds. The goal of Habitat Oases is to identify, improve, and conserve important stop-over habitat for migrating songbirds all along the Atlantic Flyway, focusing on urban areas and other landscapes where there is limited quality habitat. The program engages volunteer birdwatchers, aka citizen scientists, in migratory songbird surveys of urban green spaces and rural forest remnants.

The results of the surveys will be used to

Promote the protection of critical stop-over habitats by helping government agencies, corporations, land trusts, and other landowners make informed land use and land protection decisions.
Improve the quality of public and private lands as stop-over habitat for migrating birds by guiding the management and landscaping practices of natural resource managers, private landowners, and professional landscapers.
Develop regionally-specific lists of “bird-friendly” native plants that may be used to guide landscaping practices in parks, gardens, and backyards.
(Menunkatuck’s Native Plant Sale for the Birds offers our members and friends the opportunity to begin making their yards Habitat Oases.)

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