[CT Birds] Paul D's "Interesting Experience"

Dr. Robert Mirer robert.m.mirer at snet.net
Wed Mar 14 23:40:34 EDT 2012

Paul brings up a topic of interest to me. Last year in Boston Hollow Don Morgan and I had a brief discussion about a Black-throated Blue Warbler reacting to the (iPod-produced) song of a Cerulean Warbler. Sometimes (OK, often, in my case) people have difficulty distinguishing the song of one species from that of another with a similar song. But I can’t believe that there is any confusion for these birds. A slowed-down sonogram will show us the differences, and certainly these birds can hear those differences. Perhaps these similar-song species react to one another’s songs because they have similar nesting habitat requirements? Anybody on top of research in this area?

Rob Mirer
South Windsor

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