[CT Birds] How early is early for waterfowl?

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Jonah et al.

Wood Duck used to be a species that disappeared for the most part after 
early winter, but the with recent warmer winters more have been wintering 
over, so there's not really an "early" date for them any more. These days 
the only regularly occurring waterfowl that clears out for the winter is 
Blue-winged Teal. I don't think any have been reported yet this spring but 
some could show up any time this month with peak numbers in April. The first 
CT reports to eBird last year were on March 28.

Greg Hanisek

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> Some birds today:
> Hartford, Cedar Hill Cemetery: a ring necked duck (first I’ve ever seen at 
> CHC) in the big pond, on the left when you enter. Phoebes were around, 
> too.
> South Windsor, near station 43: green winged teals
> I realized I have no idea if these are early or are always here by now, 
> but half a dozen wood ducks were also at cedar hill, and as many american 
> coots in south windsor.
> Jonah Cohen
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