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Fri Mar 16 16:49:36 EDT 2012

3/16/12 Norwalk Islands.
While clamming on the islands this afternoon, I saw large flocks off birds a mile or so past Copps Island. Around 3:00 I decided to take the boat out there to see what was going on. 
The further I got away from shore, the more birds I could, until finally almost two nautical miles past Copps Islands I was in flocks of birds as far as the eye and binoculars could see, these birds were all plankton feeding and  species included Herring and Ring-billed Gulls, Brant, Long Tail, Scoter, Greater Scaup, Black Duck, Mallard and I'm sure I missed a few.
The number of birds was tremendous, guessing 10K may just be the start.
This plankton bloom was in over 50' water and the plankton were easily seen  floating on the surface.
I could see birds on the surface in a mile wide stretch that headed east and west I far as I could see.
There were also smaller groups in shallower water outside the islands. 
We hope to research this further on Saturday.
Where the flocks also in Stamford today?

Larry Flynn

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