[CT Birds] norwalk gulls and more

James Dugan jim at worldpeace.org
Fri Mar 16 17:04:32 EDT 2012

Regarding Stamford:
I spoke with my brother Patrick and he only had 1000+/- gulls,
4000+/- Scaup & 2000+/- Brant of Shippan Pt today.

Jim Dugan

On Mar 16, 2012, at 4:49 PM, lpflynn at optonline.net wrote:

> 3/16/12 Norwalk Islands.
> While clamming on the islands this afternoon, I saw large flocks off birds a mile or so past Copps Island. Around 3:00 I decided to take the boat out there to see what was going on. 
> The further I got away from shore, the more birds I could, until finally almost two nautical miles past Copps Islands I was in flocks of birds as far as the eye and binoculars could see, these birds were all plankton feeding and  species included Herring and Ring-billed Gulls, Brant, Long Tail, Scoter, Greater Scaup, Black Duck, Mallard and I'm sure I missed a few.
> The number of birds was tremendous, guessing 10K may just be the start.
> This plankton bloom was in over 50' water and the plankton were easily seen  floating on the surface.
> I could see birds on the surface in a mile wide stretch that headed east and west I far as I could see.
> There were also smaller groups in shallower water outside the islands. 
> Amazing!
> We hope to research this further on Saturday.
> Where the flocks also in Stamford today?
> Larry Flynn
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