Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Fri Mar 16 20:22:46 EDT 2012

Larry Flynn saw an amazing number of the Norwalk Islands this  
afternoon. much of it beyond the sight of land.
Larry and I will be going back out there tomorrow (Saturday). 2:00 to  

We would like people to cover their local piece of shore from Milford  
to Greenwich at the same time to see how widely this phenomenon is  
found. Are the birds in one place or are they moving about? you can  
send what you see to me personally or to this list.

If you can not make it at that time but can do so in the morning  
please do so. The reports will still be of interest.

Note the time and location of your sighting.

Try and note how many birds, any number will be an estimate, so just  
do your best. Gulls are particularly difficult to count independently  
so an estimate of ratio of Ring-billed to Herring will do.

It would also be nice to get estimates of other species  seen in the  

If there are no birds on the water, an estimate of the birds on shore  
would be helpful. also note wether they are feeding or resting.
If there are no birds on shore, note that too. It may mean they are  
too far out to be seen from shore.

Dennis Varza

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