[CT Birds] Bad Lyme season predicted.

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Sat Mar 17 09:13:21 EDT 2012

Pedal Power bike shop just posted the following on FaceBook.


This just in from the Cary Institute of Ecosystems Studies:  We in the Northeast should expect an unusually large surge of Lyme disease this spring.

It’s not the extraordinarily mild winter that’s to blame, it’s the fluctuation of mouse populations and acorn harvests. (More on that later.) But the mild winter may mean that the danger period, when tiny young “nymph” ticks that carry Lyme are out for our blood, could begin earlier than usual. The bottom line from Dr. Richard S. Ostfeld, a Cary Institute disease ecologist: Watch out. Starting now.

Normally, Lyme disease risk ramps up in May. But “This past winter,” he said “was record-breaking mild, and when you get records, when you have extremes in weather events, to some degree all bets are off. We don’t really know whether the nymphs are going to start their activity earlier this year than in normal years. So it’s remotely possible they could be out as early as April. They’re cold-blooded creatures, so things get speeded up in terms of their metabolism and development when things are warmer. So it could be a bit earlier than usual. I wouldn’t wait to be vigilant. The time is now.” . . . . 

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