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Milford Gulls: Gulf Beach flock of 500- 1000 mixed gulls see plankton 
feeding south of fishing pier. Can't give you a goo species breakdown as 
they were too distant.  Also noted a few gulls  feeding in roks at 
waters edge. Also noted yesterday a good number -maybe 500 or so ? 
feeding over and around Walmart on the Post Road- there are also several 
fast food places in the immediate area so these are probably the usual 
dumpster divers.

Is there possibly a shortage of plankton this year or is it early for 

Charlotte Weston

> 3/17. Milford, Laurel Beach, 10 am- about 2000 - 2600 gulls 
> plankton-feeding close to shore. Ring-bills/Herring: 70%/30%.  Also 
> many Brant and ducks. This location is the beach east of Milford Point 
> and west of Walnut Beach. Nothing rare seen, but birds more birds kept 
> flying in.

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> Same thing Oyster River area incl Eurasian Wigeon.
> Nick
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