[CT Birds] Gull migration

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 17 18:21:31 EDT 2012

Paul D had a good answer on where the Gulls are. They are migrating North now 
for sure. But of all the birds that migrate out or through CT going north in the 
spring, I do not often see Gulls doing so. 

Yes-occasionally I do see one lone gull heading North, but not often, and surely 
not in any numbers. As with Pauls observation, we will occasionally see a number 
of Gulls feeding or resting on a ball field which indicate they are migrating - 
but we don't often see them in the air all heading North. 

Hawks can often be seen during the day in numbers pushing North. Passerines 
usually go through at night, so we don't often see them migrating. Same for 
ducks and geese, though sometimes we can see Ducks or Geese pass through during 
the day. 

But what's the story on GULLS?  

With so many gulls around here in CT, esp during the winter, why do we not see 
an obvious push of them inland? Might they be mainly night migrants? Would love 
to hear from someone who might know the answer to this...................Paul 

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