[CT Birds] Western Tanager NO, Osprey, Golden Eagle

Sara Zagorski penguinsz at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 19 15:35:06 EDT 2012

3/19 - Mystic, Peace Sanctuary - I stopped by to check on the Western Tanager 
this morning, and Maggie Jones, the gracious host, told me that they haven't 
seen the bird in the past two days. I waited for about an hour and saw the other 
birds come in for a joint feeding, which is how I saw the tanager the last time 
I was there, but it didn't appear.

Great Island, Old Lyme - 2 Ospreys on separate platforms 

Pettipaug Yacht Club, Essex - Around 1:40 pm I saw a Golden Eagle appear across 
the river over Joshua Rock. It was proceeding along the tree line, when a not 
quite adult Bald Eagle appeared and started harassing it. Their was a brief 
interlocking of talons, and then the Golden veered off to the left. The Bald 
Eagle pursued it and made a few passes at it with talons lowered. The Golden did 
not engage again and kept changing its course, but the Bald Eagle followed it 
across the river over the yacht club, swooping down close and making one more 
pass with talons lowered. The Golden Eagle kept ignoring it and flew placidly 
on. Very exciting to see!

Sara Zagorski

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