[CT Birds] Golden Eagle

Greg Hanisek ghanisek at rep-am.com
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In the 1990s Golen Eagle wintered regularly on Canaan Mt, viewable from 
Undermounatin Road and a few other roads in that area with patience.

Greg Hanisek

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>I couldn't recall another Golden Eagle "hanging out" in CT since I started 
>paying attention.  There are sightings every year, but I could not recall 
>one that someone might hope to go see.  I did a bit of a search of my 
>archives and came up with one reported three days in a row, 19-21 February, 
>2000, from the CT River Eagle Festival.  There may have been others.  Do 
>the long-time birders have memory of other such opportunities?
> Roy Harvey
> Beacon Falls, CT
> --- On Mon, 3/19/12, Sara Zagorski <penguinsz at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>> Pettipaug Yacht Club, Essex - Around 1:40 pm I saw a Golden
>> Eagle appear across
>> the river over Joshua Rock. It was proceeding along the tree
>> line, when a not
>> quite adult Bald Eagle appeared and started harassing it.
>> Their was a brief
>> interlocking of talons, and then the Golden veered off to
>> the left. The Bald
>> Eagle pursued it and made a few passes at it with talons
>> lowered. The Golden did
>> not engage again and kept changing its course, but the Bald
>> Eagle followed it
>> across the river over the yacht club, swooping down close
>> and making one more
>> pass with talons lowered. The Golden Eagle kept ignoring it
>> and flew placidly
>> on. Very exciting to see!
>> Sara Zagorski
>> Wethersfield
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