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Hi all,
Here’s a list of this springsbirding programs at the Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center at Milford Point. It’sa nice assortment of beginning and advanced programs. There’s even a couple ofbirding by ear classes. I hope you can join us! All programs meet at theCenter. If you have questions, or wish to register, call Louise at 203-878-7440x 502.  I’ll see you at the Center. FrankGallo, Director.
Birding for Beginners
Thursday, March 22, 7–9 p.m.(classroom)
Sat., March 31,  9-11:30 a.m. (field trip) 
Thursday, March 29, 7–9 p.m. (classroom)
Sat., March 31,  9-11:30 a.m (field trip)
Learn the basics foridentifying birds on your own! During this fun and comprehensive hands-oncourse, longtime instructor and expert birder Frank Gallo will teach you IDskills as well as how to choose and use field guides and binoculars, and whereto find birds locally. The course culminates with a field trip to a localbirding "hot spot". No experience is necessary. Bring the"Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Birds." (Field guides are availablefor sale at the Coastal Center.) Fee: $75/person.Seniors $65.
Sorting Out Bird Songs
Tuesday, March 27, 7 – 9 p.m.
Discover the basics ofbirding by ear!  Using a variety of sound resources, instructor FrankGallo will teach you tips, tricks, and even pitfalls to identifying birds bysound.  Is that an oriole or a tanager singing? Come find out, as we delveinto the secrets to birding by ear. Fee: $35. Seniors $31.
Birding By Ear – New!!
Thursday, April 19, 7 – 9p.m.
Birdsong can be an incredibleaid to finding and identifying birds. Instructor Frank Gallo, an avid studentof birdsong, has created a challenging new program designed to give studentspractice with identifying similar sounding birds. Group participation is encouraged.Fee: $35. Seniors $31
Advanced Birding – New!
Wednesdays, April 18 &25, 7- 9 p.m. (classroom)
Sat., April 28, 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. (field trip)
Discover bird watching withnaturalist Frank Gallo; Frank leads bird tours worldwide, is a member of Connecticut’s Avian RareRecords Committee, and a past president of the New Haven Bird Club. This courseapproaches more difficult identification challenges, including gulls,shorebirds, and terns. Other local experts will be encouraged to participate.The course culminates with a field trip to find birds at a local birding hotspot. Bring the Sibley or National Geographic Field Guides. (Field guides alsofor sale at the Center.)  Meet at the Center. Fee: $105/person. Seniors$95. 
Spring Owl Prowl
Tuesday, April 24, 7:15– 9:15p.m.
When the sun retreats, owlsawaken to go in search of prey. Some say that owls are wise, others that theysparked legends of ghosts. Whatever the truth, we'll uncover the mysteries ofthese amazing nocturnal hunters, while learning about a few of the species thatco-exist in our area. The evening culminates at a local park, where we'llcarpool and try to call one in. It’s a hoot! Fee: $35/person. Seniors $31.
How to Learn Birds!
Wednesdays, May 2 & 9, 7– 9 p.m. (2 nights in classroom)
Saturday,  12, 9 a.m. – noon (field trip)
Discover bird watching withnaturalist Frank Gallo. Frank leads bird tours worldwide and is a member of Connecticut’s Avian RareRecords Committee and a past president of the New Haven Bird Club. His enthusiastichands-on style quickly teaches you the basics of identifying birds using fieldguides and observational skills. The course culminates with a field trip tofind birds at a local birding hot spot. Bring the Peterson Field Guide toEastern Birds. (Field guides also for sale in class.) .

Life is short. Bird often.

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