[CT Birds] Goshen Goshawk, Phoebes and Purple Finch question

Kfinnan at aol.com Kfinnan at aol.com
Thu Mar 22 08:30:53 EDT 2012

>From Kevin Finnan:
N. Goshawk flyover--Beach Street in Goshen about 6:00 PM.  Fortuitous  
timing on a bike ride!
In light of the many messages regarding early arrivals, we had a FOY 2  
Purple Finches on February 26.  Were there any, other reports that  early?
Three individuals continue in the yard today, but larger numbers  are not 
building like they normally do, albeit later, typically  April.
Also, during a neighborhood walk last Sunday, March 18, most  of our 
Phoebes were singing on territory--a drop-out similar to the one  Dave Babington 
reported.  They had been absent on the 17th.
Otherwise, arrivals are not usually early here at elevation in  Goshen.  We 
still have yet to encounter Pine Warblers.  Pileated  Woodpeckers and 
Ravens are conspicuous.  Viewing is often excellent for  Buffleheads, Com. 
Goldeneye, Mergansers and Ruddy Ducks as well as 2 - 3  Eagles of various ages 
nearby on Woodridge Lake but numbers are much larger down  on Bantam Lake.

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