[CT Birds] About Long Messages

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Fri Mar 23 17:43:05 EDT 2012

Your list manager here with a moment of administrivia.

There is a size limit in place for messages to CTBirds.  A message that exceeds the limit (22KB or so) is stopped until I can review it and either kill it or pass it through.  It is a rare message that has enough real content to justify being larger than that, but they do happen.  One was the copy of the post a couple of days ago about seasonal rarities and identification.  Unfortunately that one ended up on the list three times, which was at least once too many; that was My fault.

Well there is another really large message I am about to approve because it is really good stuff that belongs on the list.  Greg is passing it along, and it involves hummingbird reports.  I ask that you PLEASE, if you reply to it, REMOVE the original message from your reply.  If you don't it will only get stopped until I check it out, and all I am going to do is ask you to re-send it without all that extra text.

Along the same lines, if you receive CTBirds as a digest and are replying to a digest message, please remove the text of the digest, or at least the part you were not replying to.  If it gets blocked because of size I will simply ask you to re-send it, and if it squeaks through under the limit everyone gets to see maybe eleven messages for a second time.

Thanks, and good birding!

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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