[CT Birds] Question on robins

mcavallero1 at comcast.net mcavallero1 at comcast.net
Sat Mar 24 15:38:17 EDT 2012

West hartford ct yard
I have been watching a flock of robins go to town today in my backyard feeing on worms and some kind of grubs
Some of the robins are very dark on their back with brilliant orange red breasts.  Others are very pale gray on their back and their breasts are more like a pale coral.  They are so light they almost look like northern wheatears!   
My question is.    Are these pale robins the females. Or just the young from last year?   The differences are quite noticeable.  I am certainly enjoying watching them feed. Its amazing how they locate worms and grubs and most of the time they are spot on!
Any info would be appreciated
Mona cavallero
West hartford ct
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