[CT Birds] Southport Survey # 299

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Sun Mar 25 04:55:01 EDT 2012

Southport Survey # 299
24 Mar 2012

The tide was just past low and rising. The water was rippled, the sky  
cloudy with an east breeze.

Sunken Island was again covered in mostly Herring Gulls and an  
Oystercatcher. Beyond to the west was a couple of drifts of barnacle  
feeding gulls with a smattering of Brant. Close to the island on the  
back side were the scoters and half the American Black Ducks. Way off  
to the west were the Gannet and a flight of 8 Great Cormorant. The  
Long-tailed Ducks were scattered about closer to shore.

The golf course ponds and lawns were empty. On the beaches there were  
few gulls. Southport Harbor only had a few Mallards. The only other  
activity to comment on is the collection of ducks off Southport  
Beach. Also there was the Bonaparte’s Gull and plenty of people with  
dogs. A note of absence are the Bufflehead and Goldeneye.

Dennis Varza

DATE	2/26	3/04	3/12	3/24
Tide	Low_	High	Low_	Low_
Time	7:20	7:30	8:00	8:00

Brant	92_118_236_125
Canada Goose	160_116_42_3
Mute Swan	15_9_7_11
American Wigeon	30_2_40_36
Eurasian Wigeon	1_0_1_1
Gadwall	15_0_24_6
American Black Duck	20_20_10_18
Mallard	42_22_36_24
Green-winged Teal	0_0_0_14
Greater Scaup	45_124_85_0
Lesser Scaup	0_1_1_0
White-winged Scoter	12_122_35_17
Surf Scoter	0_2_0_0
Long-tailed Duck	5_44_54_37
Common Goldeneye	6_38_6_0
Bufflehead	18_18_8_0
Red-breasted Merganser	24_48_44_14
Red-throated Loon	4_15_7_1
Common Loon	1_10_2_2
Horned Grebe	1_32_23_12
Northern Gannet	0_0_0_3
Great Cormorant	1_0_1_9
Double-crested Cormorant	0_ 0_ 1_1
Bonaparte’s Gull	0_0_0_1
Ring-billed Gull.	65_94_319_6
Herring Gull    	1297_98_280_116
Great Black-backed Gull	12_6_10_10
Barnacle Gull	0_0_0_2000

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