[CT Birds] breeding White-throated Sparrows

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Mon Mar 26 10:56:40 EDT 2012

On the subject of breeding White-throated Sparrows here in CT.

Here in the North Western parts of CT, active birders often see WTSps during the 
late spring and summer. This area was a hot spot for breeding WTSps during the 4 
years while the CT Breeding Bird Atlas project was underway during the 90s. At 
that time, their were 21 CONFIRMED Breeding pairs of WT Sps and 35 Probables, 
with almost all here within the NW sector of the State.

Of my experience, this Sparrow was a confirmed nester in good numbers up till 
2000 in the
 Nepaug State Forests of New Hartford, and many more were often seen or heard 
singing in the Barkhamsted /Hartland areas within that time of year.

Recently, the White-t-Sp has been a difficult bird to find up here, but we often 
do see and hear one or more a summer, but without getting breeding confirmation, 
though the odds are they are most likely breeding. So we must not suggest they 
no longer breed here in CT, when the evidence suggests they still might, and in 
my opinion, they surely do, but only needing that breeding confirmation. As in 
the CT Breeding Bird Atlas reports, I would classify the White T Sparrow now, as 
still a probable breeder but needing a definite conformation, which i believe, 
will once again be coming.

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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