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3/26 (Monday), continued.
I was curious to see if there were any flocks of Bonaparte's Gulls elsewhere, so 
I drove to various sites in Milford and Stratford where flocks have appeared 
(usually at creek mouths) in past years.  I found almost none.  I visited:
Milford:  Oyster River, Woodmont - 18 Bonaparte's Gulls, little else. (1 Greater 
Yellowlegs at Anderson Ave.)
Merwin Point - None, but 4 N. Gannets.
Burwell Beach - none.
Morningside - none, but 3 N. Gannets.
Point Beach - none.
Bayview Beach (Melba St./Pen Meadow Creek) - none.
Gulf Beach - none.
Laurel Beach - none.

Stratford:  Short Beach - 1 Bonaparte's among 4000 +/-  Herring and Ring-billed 
Gulls that were resting and seeking shelter from the strong NW winds (gusts to 
46 mph).  They lined a part of Short Beach, the offshore breakwater, and the 
Milford Point sandbars.
Nothing at Long Beach, nor the Stratford Seawall, except 18 N. Gannets at the 

It will be interesting to see if the Bonaparte's flock remains in Southport 

Frank Mantlik

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>From Frank Mantlik
3/26 Southport Beach - just an update. The Bonaparte's Gull flock numbers 3300 
birds, counted by tens to 1000 then extrapolated. The tide is now high and the 
flock is resting on the water out of the wind off the private homes to the east 
of Southport Beach. 

The BLACK HEADED GULL (adult in full breeding plumage) flew in earlier, didn't 
stay long, then departed (though probably still in area). Bob DeCandido and Deb 
Allen also got to see it and photo it. I repeatedly looked through the flock but 
saw no other rare species.  At times there was much turnover of birds coming and 
This is the largest flock of Bonies I've seen in CT in several years. I suspect 
as the tide falls the flock may return to the mouth of Sasco Creek at Southport 

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