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Wed Mar 28 22:55:19 EDT 2012

In our Norwalk yard and neighborhood, Mockingbirds are certainly an almost everyday common sighting, and this is year round for the last 25 years that we have lived here.
Perhaps some may recall my report from a few years ago... I was sitting on our backyard deck when I heard my cell phone ringing, as I walked inside to pick up my phone I noted that the volume was getting softer instead of louder, it was a Mockingbird vocalising a perfect copy of my cell tone. 
I now hear car alarms, cell phone tones, and the vocals of Bald Eagles, Killdeer, Blue-winged Warblers and a long list of others resonating every morning and afternoon in our neighborhood.
In the upcoming months, the worst part may be when one perches on our chimney at 3AM and starts letting loose with Beethoven's 5th!
We have Cedar, Holly, Winterberry, Pokeweed and a few others to keep them interested, plus a small pond that provides seasonal insect hatches.
Sophie has it, feed them and they will come. It's all about their bellies being full.
No food source, few birds.
If folks remember the pair of Baltimore Orioles that spent the snowy winter of '11 in our yard, many thousands of meal worms meant for the orioles, were gobbled up by Ludwig. and his band of Merrymen.
In last years miserable, fridged, cold winter, they were attempting to feed out of my hand and gave up all fear of me in order to have a meal. Not typical mockingbird style
I have found Mockingbirds to be a remarkable species to follow and study.
They brighten the darkest of days whenever they sing... or just... appear!

Good Birding,
Larry Flynn

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