[CT Birds] Note from the COA Annual Meeting Co-chairs

David F Provencher david.f.provencher at dom.com
Thu Mar 29 10:13:09 EDT 2012

In the "old days" the COA annual meeting was held at a different venue each year. This presented the program committee the added challenge of finding an appropriate location for the meeting, and all the attendant details of that issue. The whole package of work necessary in putting the meeting together was (and still is) quite a challenge for the committee and helped lead to the burn out of the committee sooner than might otherwise be! It was during my time on the committee, or during my tenure as president (so sad to say I cannot remember off-hand now) that we held the first meeting at Middlesex CC. It was intended to be just that year's venue, and the following year would be held at a different locale, as was the organization's usual practice.

During the preparation and execution of that meeting, John Coggins (who at the time held a significant position at MCC) provided such outstandingly generous and flexible support that it removed virtually all the hassle and stress that normally attended the venue component of the meeting. During that first MCC meeting John presented to me the opportunity to hold subsequent COA annual meetings at the college. I was thrilled by his offer due to the college's location, facilities, and the knowledge we would always benefit from his invaluable support and the pleasure of his company. The COA Board happily agreed. No longer did the program committee have to do the daunting "find a venue that works dance." So it is due to Middlesex Community College's continuing generosity, and John Coggins help and support, that each year COA can hold a successful and enjoyable meeting by focusing on the best programs and presenters without having to expend time, energy, and undue stress, finding a new venue. Much thanks is due to John and MCC from COA and its members, and from me personally.


David Provencher

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