[CT Birds] Don't stereotype accipiters

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 We'd all be amazed at what can be caught eating road kill. Look back through past issues of The Connecticut Warbler. I remember an article about chickadees eating road kill!

Jay Kaplan



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I was driving a couple of miles from home today on a back road when I saw a 
 bird in the road eating something. I figured it was the usual crow with a  
run-over squirrel scenario, but as I got closer the bird grabbed the 
carcass and  half flew, half dragged it to a driveway at the side of the road. 
was a  squirrel all right, one that had seen better days, but the bird was a 
 Sharp-shinned Hawk! Guess that proves they will eat something other than 
birds  and mice, but I wouldn't have guessed road kill. I drive through there 
several  times a week and have seen a sharpie flying near the same house a 
couple of  times before. 
Don Morgan
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