[CT Birds] topic of what Raptors eat

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Thu Mar 29 11:42:40 EDT 2012

This topic of what Raptors eat is very intriguing. 

Through the years, we all see many interesting observations from the birds we 
are so interested in, be it just to observe, or to know their habits or to tick 
them off on a list. Much information has been published on birds, but to me, our 
own personal discoveries and observations mean so much more than what we can 
read from a book or on line. Not all knowledge on wild things is instantly 
available to us, and our own personal interactions with nature is what it's all 
about for many of us. 

That being said - I have often thought, the Raptors we see, still have secrets 
that have not been seen or realized by us yet. Each personal encounter becomes a 
special one for us, and this is one of the joys of birding is all about.

Of all the raptors i have observed through the years, only a few I have never 
seen taking advantage of carrion or already dead prey. The list of carrion 
eating raptors I have witnessed is shown below...

Bald Eagle - often
Osprey- questionable, but believe seen eating pre dead fish.
Red T Hawk - seen more than often. Most opportunistic hawk for diet.
RL Hawk - once at Newburyport, we saw one eating a dead duck, of which it did 
not kill.
Red-S-hawk - often
BW Hawk - once saw a BW stoop in front of my motorcycle to pick up a dead mouse 
from the rd.
Goshawk - saw an Im bird eating a day old dead chicken something had killed the 
day before. 

Cooper's Hawk - saw once eating a Chipmunk that was dead in the rd.
SS Hawk - saw one eating a dead Dove hit by a car in the rd.
Harrier - Have seen, but don't remember what and where.
Falcons - none to date. Anyone ever see a Falcon eating carrion? 

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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