[CT Birds] ducks and Swallows...

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Sat Mar 31 18:45:49 EDT 2012

With Paul's notation to check local inland ponds, i did so at 5:20 today.
After 1.5" of snow this morning, it was melting fast with temps in the 
mid 30's.

Bristol res#7

Loads of Swallows! never saw so many at one time! 
They were way in the back, so counting was not poss.
I estimate their were well over 1,000 plus!
I more than likely saw a Barn Swallow, but not 100% sure
at that distance, but showed a forked tail. ..........also...

3 Ring-n-duck
40 C Merganser
5 Black Duck
and best of day - 3 Redhead - 1 female.
no grebes or Loons.

Bull Pond - Harwinton

Pr Wood duck
17 male Ring-n-Duck, 3 females.
pr Green-w-teal
and - a bit different subject if I may........

Two male Mallards flew into the pond near me. One was a full colored male, the 
other same, but with less green in head. Their actions were strange though.
They acted more like a pair - one following the other real close, even billing 
at times,
and doing their preening of the back, as mated pairs often do. I know from 
 Pigeons, that males sometimes will pair up with another male if females are not 
 but never saw this with wild ducks before. Also - their were two pairs of 
 plus 3 free females at other side of pond. What did i just see here?

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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