[CT Birds] Barn Island WMA Stonington

Carol Ansel carolansel at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 18:07:51 EDT 2012

Birded Barn Island (Stonington) this morning and used my new BirdsEye BirdLog NA for the first time! (iPhone app that lets you make and submit your list directly to eBird).  

Other than the usual (cardinals, song sparrows, mallards, Canada geese, tufted titmice, cowbirds, red-winged blackbirds, chickadees, nuthatches, down woodpeckers) saw:

4 greater yellowlegs on the north side of the second impoundment (started out with 3, the fourth flew in later making the Greater's call).  

The tree swallows were out in full force - saw at least a dozen up in the fields where the bird boxes are. 

Heard, but did not see, a hermit thrush. Could we have been tricked by a cowbird or some other mimic?

Also saw a nice juvenile red-tailed hawk in a tree on the way up Greenhaven Road.

Have photos of the yellowlegs, tree swallows and the juvie red-tail.

Carol & Walter Ansel

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