[CT Birds] Songfinder

zellene sandler zellene at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 2 03:29:55 EDT 2012

I received my new Songfinder hearing device in the mail on Saturday and
hope to try it in the field tomorrow. I have high hopes for being able to
once again hear the very high pitched songs of the warblers this spring.

I went to the website for the Songfinder before I ordered it. They have a
little test where you click on the song of a bird to see if you can hear
it, then it is played using their device. I clicked on grasshopper sparrow,
the highest frequency on the site. At normal range, I heard nothing. At
their "divide by two" setting, I heard the song of this bird for the first
time in probably 20 years. I was using a PC at the library at the time and
was embarrassed to find I was crying. 

I then played all the warblers on the site and could hear them all. It was
quite an emotional event...something probably only a birder would
understand. The device does lower the frequency of the song, but a
blackburnian still was identifiable as a blackburnian. The Songfinder is
expensive, but somehow it was almost exactly equal to my tax refund this
year. The universe works in mysterious ways!


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