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Lynn Jones lynnjones11 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 09:36:13 EDT 2012

Chris, Thanks for bringing up this subject.  Does anyone have any
references for studies done on crow roosts?  I work fairly close to the
West Haven crow roost.  A couple things that I have found interesting.  The
West Haven Crow roost seems to have been breaking up over the last few
weeks.  I'm not sure if they are just roosting later or have moved outside
of my area of observation but I haven't even seen the large groups
congregating together before they actually roost either.  Although, I have
seen groups of Fish Crows in the area in the evening.  During the middle of
the winter when the West Haven crow roost is at it's largest I can say that
the American and Fish crows do roost 'together' although it seems like the
fish crows tend to stiick to their own trees next to the Americans.

Also, what I have found interesting is that the West Haven roost seems to
move locations throughout the winter.  Slowly covering gorund along the
highway corridor as winter progresses.  The Waterbury crow roost stayed
pretty much in the same spot whenever I drove past it, along the river
tucked into the route 8 and 84 interchange.  About two weeks ago when I
drove by this area the Waterbury crows were not roosting.  Maybe as the
temp has warmed up they don't need to stay close to the highway for
warmth?  or maybe they have just split up.

What your Fish Crows are doing?  I have no idea but it's interesting all
the same.


On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 8:39 AM, Christopher Loscalzo <closcalz at optonline.net
> wrote:

> For the past few weeks, I have observed Fish Crows flying in a straight
> southerly direction over my house, soon after daybreak.  There are several
> dozen birds that fly over, all giving their characteristic "caw."  I hadn't
> given it much thought before, but it seems highly likely that they are
> heading back to the coast for the day, and that they must have a roost to
> the north.  It is interesting, because the American Crow has the exact
> opposite pattern: they are known to have a roost along the shore and then
> fly north from the coast to their daytime haunts.  The symmetry and
> separation is interesting.  I wonder if anyone is aware of a Fish Crow
> roost
> in Bethany or Prospect, or somewhere in the Naugatuck Valley.  I am
> presuming from this limited observation that Fish and American Crows do not
> share roosts sites.
> Chris Loscalzo
> Woodbridge
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