[CT Birds] Eastford Ospreys

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Mon Apr 2 13:59:43 EDT 2012

There were 2 Ospreys standing together on the nest at the marsh on Rt 44 in 
 Eastford at noon today. I last checked there about 12 days ago and there 
was no  sign of activity then, but it appears some materials have been added 
to the nest  so they have been around for a few days, I'd guess. 
There were 3 occupied Great Blue Heron nests there last time I checked, but 
 today I could find only one. One that had a bird on it has apparently 
fallen. It  was high in the top of a tree and new last year, so perhaps the 
winds we've had  were too much for it. A couple of years ago there were 11 
occupied nests, but  the snows of last year's winter brought most all of them 
down, along with the  Osprey nest. several were built/ re-built/occupied last 
year, but right now it  doesn't look good for the heronry.
Many, many Tree Swallows circling the marsh. No sign of waterfowl, but I  
didn't look very hard. 

Don Morgan

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