[CT Birds] On Fish Crows...

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Mon Apr 2 20:43:54 EDT 2012

Dear Chris:

There is a sizeable crow roost on Rt. 34 in Derby by the Orange-Derby Shopping Center. Most of it is centered in the woods next to the Lowe’s. It is a mixed flock—I have learned over time that I can pick out some Fish Crows and some American Crows visually by the extremes at either end. You can pick out the vocalizations as well. Up the hill in the vicinity of the Ansonia Nature Center, I have seen and heard both kinds, but it appears that the American Crows nest there. The roost is only about a quarter mile from the Housatonic as the crow flies (sorry), and Fish Crows are fairly common up the Naugatuck River to Torrington.

There are always a few that hang out there even during the summer. I guess they are non-breeders that scavenge with the pigeons and gulls.

Jim Bair

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