[CT Birds] Fish Crows

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Mon Apr 2 21:43:41 EDT 2012

Norwalk, CT

There has been abnormal numbers of Fish Crows in Norwalk during the past thirty days, at least along the shoreline.
Last month around the first several weeks there was a daily group of 20/30 around the hanging around one small western shore area of Norwalk Harbor, if I were to drive to the eastern side, Calf Pasture Beach for instance, there would be many more.
This continues as of today.
What I also have been seeing is a pre nocturnal inland migration of this species.
Prior to sunset, hundreds of Fish Crows have been moving North West over our house each evening for the past week or so.
These birds are very vocal as the move and are clearly Fish Crows.
I have been in wonderment about this, since I have not seen these numbers before.
Norwalk is a distance from Chris's reports, but these reports seem to echo something in common.
I'm also onboard with Chris's American Crow pattern, Fish Crows are doing the total opposite

Larry Flynn

"For the past few weeks, I have observed Fish Crows flying in a straight
southerly direction over my house, soon after daybreak.  There are several
dozen birds that fly over, all giving their characteristic "caw."  I hadn't
given it much thought before, but it seems highly likely that they are
heading back to the coast for the day, and that they must have a roost to
the north.  It is interesting, because the American Crow has the exact
opposite pattern: they are known to have a roost along the shore and then
fly north from the coast to their daytime haunts.  The symmetry and
separation is interesting.  I wonder if anyone is aware of a Fish Crow roost
in Bethany or Prospect, or somewhere in the Naugatuck Valley.  I am
presuming from this limited observation that Fish and American Crows do not
share roosts sites."  

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