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Let's not forget that birds fluff themselves up in order to preserve warmth. 
A fluffed up bird is by no means dying, perhaps just conserving some bodily heat, and dang, they do close their eyes once in a while, just to nod off.
This is what they do, I have yet to find a dead "frozen" woodpecker, or puffed up and dead of any bird species in our yard due to these calamities.
We get many woodpeckers and they will freeze on spot, this is always due to an avain predator.
Fluffed up birds? This is the natural way for them to conserve body warmth, they are not all dying.
This is true ornithical data, not a guess by any means.
Grab a bird biology handbook, this will answer all these questions and many more.

Larry Flynn

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> Back in the 1970s I had a job on a farm. One winter day after a 
> frigid night
> I had to work under a grove of young white pines. I remember 
> there were
> blackbirds, probably starlings, that were dead, eyes closed, 
> frozen in their
> perches on the branches that were within reach from the ground.
> Jump ahead to last Friday afternoon. I went to Chatfield Hollow 
> in search of
> pine warblers. Shortly after the entry road crosses a small 
> brook there is
> a clearing to the right surrounded by a variety of evergreens. 
> At the far
> side of the clearing, I saw a couple round, yellow objects high 
> up in trees
> that I think are tamaracks. I quickly took a few pictures 
> thinking they were
> birds about to fly. However, the objects never moved. I then 
> assumed they
> were some infection or fungus in the tree and resumed my search 
> for warblers
> around the clearing and on the boardwalk. About an hour later, I 
> left the
> park the same way I entered, and I saw the yellow objects were 
> still in the
> trees. Later I looked at the pictures that I downloaded to the 
> computer. I
> saw tails and beaks on the objects. I now think were actually 
> goldfinchesthat had died in the trees and were round due to 
> bloating. (Either that or
> someone with a cherrypicker and a key to the gate pulled off a 
> very clever
> April fools prank.)
> Russ Smiley
> Marlborough, CT
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