[CT Birds] Banded Sanderlings

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Wed Apr 4 08:52:03 EDT 2012

Yes, teh CT DEEP has been banding shorebirds across the coast since 2004.  There have been ~3,000 bands put out, mostly on sandpipers, sanderling, and dunlin.  The number of recaptures has steadily increased, with 41 in 2011.  We have had recaptures from Brazil and from Delaware and NJ.  The recaptures are mostly from CT banded birds, and indicate extreme site fidelity of the birds.  We have had some movement of birds across from Hammo to Milford Pt or from Griswold Pt to Hammo, but by and large, these birds use the same staging and wintering areas on our coast year after year.  This information has been very critical in broadening our understanding of how important these areas are for migratory shorebirds. 

We began banding as part of our Avian Influenza monitoring.  That money has since dried up, but thanks to the dedication of a particular volunteer and some dedicated biologists and core of volunteers (you know who you are), we have been able to continue to trap and band, albeit on a much smaller scale than when we had funding.

We could do so much more for the resource if we had a reliable source of money...........

Min Huang
Columbia CT

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> Donna,
> The DEEP has been banding shorebirds at Milford Point for
> the past few falls.  
> I'm sure there would have been a fair number of sanderlings
> in the mix.  In 
> addition, large numbers of shorebirds (sanderlings,
> turnstone, semi sands, 
> knots, etc.) are banded at Delaware Bay and elsewhere along
> the Atlantic Coast 
> every year - any of those birds could show up in CT en route
> north.
> Chris
>  Chris Elphick
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