[CT Birds] Waterford - Junco, etc

Patrick psmithct at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 6 08:06:15 EDT 2012

A solitary, but fat and happy Junco has shown up to pick around under the 
thistle feeder.  Latest one I have seen here.  Also, cardinals, jays, titmice, 
chikadees, carolina wren, downies, red-bellied woodpecker, nuthatch, 
goldfinches, robins, mockingbirds, song sparrows and a pine warbler.  Turkeys 
down the road, and  2 bald eagles riding thermals over my Mom's nursing home in 

Unrelated, but I've scarcely seen a pollinator yet - just one honey bee.  In 
past I've had honey bees on the witch hazel and bumble bees on my crocus and 
daffodils.  Wondering only because I'd like lots of fruit for the catbirds on my 
amelenchier - which is about to open up.  Lot's of fruit still untaken from my 
winterberry holly and hawthorn.

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