[CT Birds] Nature always amazes me...

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Fri Apr 6 10:19:06 EDT 2012

Nature always amazes me...
I have a Red-s-Hawk that visits my yard daily. Been doing this for many years.
This morning, i watched her gleaning scraps from the compost pile. A cooked 
turkey leg was the favorite. But she also ate some egg yoke from a hard boiled 
egg. After dinning for awhile, she then flew down by the wet area under some 
hemlocks, and proceeded to drink water! She dipped her bill into the water, and 
lifted her head as a chicken does to swallow. Never saw a Hawk drink water 
Has anyone out there-(here) - ever seen a hawk drink water?

FOY- Yellow-R-Warb in yard.......

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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