[CT Birds] Early spring arrivals - request for details

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 18:17:00 EDT 2012

Over the past several days there have been a handful of reports of
really early spring migrants - birds that may be common later in
spring/summer but are truly RARE right now. Most of these reports have
been without any detail whatsoever! Please try to be aware of the
approximate typical arrival dates of our spring migrants. If you think
a bird might be very early, please include details on the sighting, as
if you had found a truly rare species. These unseasonable individuals
should be documented if possible.

The oft-mentioned "Connecticut Birds by the Seasons" by Greg Hanisek
is available in print at the Fat Robin in Hamden and the Audubon Shop
in Madison. But you could also rather easily check eBird if you aren't
sure. Go to the below link and follow the self-explanatory links, and
you will soon have some really cool bar charts at your fingertips.


Hopefully I don't sound like a grouch - this is simply a request to
better understand our spring arrivals. By getting to know approximate
arrival dates, not only do you better your own knowledge of
Connecticut's avian fauna, but you will also know when it may be
appropriate to further explain special sightings on this listserv.


Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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