[CT Birds] Possible Tanager Id Help Please

Donna Caporaso donnacap at aol.com
Sun Apr 8 21:33:55 EDT 2012

While hiking along the Farm Mill River in Stratford I came across a lot of little song birds.  There is one in this album that I posted on Facebook asking for help in IDing it.  Several people believe it's a Western Tanager despite the fact it was taken in CT.  A few say Scarlet Tanager.  The photos are toward the end of the album. This are the only photos available unfortunately.  I would be happy to email the original, uncropped versions if requested.  

Along with this mystery bird, during my walk up the river  I also saw a Ruby Crowned Kinglet, Palm Wablers, Eastern Phoebe, Juncos, Swallows (2) I believe flying like crazy under the bridge, Cardinals, many Robins and Sparrows, and an Osprey being harassed by a RTH above the parking lot of the sports store.  Its the first time I've heard an Osprey make any noise and it sounded like he was upset.  

I have pond behind the factories (550?) there was a Am. Bittern (he was there tonight).  

Here is the link.  You should be able to view it without being a member of Facebook.  


Thank you.

Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT

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