[CT Birds] Boston Hollow, Yale Forest, Ashford, 4-9-12 Ruffy's back!

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Tue Apr 10 07:14:30 EDT 2012

When I made my first look/listen stop yesterday I was expecting  an La 
Waterthrush, but some motion at the side of the road caught my eye. And  there 
she was!  Ruffy the insane Boston Hollow Ruffed Grouse and Official  Greeter 
was there to meet me! Last year there was a grouse in the same spot for  
almost a month, and I have no doubt this is the same one. She stood at the side 
 of the road looking at me in my car, about 8 feet away, making little 
chirping  noises. After I fumbled around for my camera and got out of the car 
she stood  quietly as I snapped away. But then she slowly walked out into the 
road and came  right to me, within a foot or so of my boot. It was the same 
scenario as last  year; she wandered around me, chirping softly, and when a 
car came I had to push  her to the side with my hand. She let me touch her 
with no problem, only  resisting when I tried to lift her. I was there at 
least a half hour, and when I  left she was still standing in the road. She 
acts more like a cat than a grouse.  Pics will be coming later. 
I found a third Waterthrush  and 2 Boston Hollow FOY Hermit Thrushes,  
although I've seen a couple elsewhere. Almost every white pine has  a  resident 
Pine Warbler now in the old clear-cuts.
Unfortunately, I think the Common Ravens may have moved elsewhere to nest  
this year. They arrived about a month ago and for a couple of weeks were 
noisy  and active, circling overhead as usual. But I have neither seen nor 
heard one  for two weeks now, and if they were still there that would be highly 
Don Morgan

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