[CT Birds] Farm Mill River???? - Western Tanager NOT

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 10 14:45:13 EDT 2012

>From Frank Mantlik
4/10  Stratford/Shelton, Rt. 110, Far Mill River Park - I looked unsuccessfully 
for the Western Tanager.  The area was actually fairly quiet.  A question arose 
if this bird might have wintered here.  It's possible, as the habitat reminded 
me of their nesting habitat at Yellowstone NP (flowing river, mixed evergreen & 
deciduous woods).  And I saw one back yard that had (now empty) feeders.  Even 
so, I would suspect this tanager was moving through with migrant warblers, etc. 
when seen on 4/7 by Donna Caporaso.
I would recommend taking the foot trail on the Shelton (north) side of the 
river, as it is easier walking and less steep than the Stratford side.  I parked 
behind the ASO Sports Shop.
I was amazed to see Garlic Mustard and Celandine already in bloom.  Also many 
Cabbage White butterflies.

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Hi Janet & others,
Far Mill River Park is a Stratford town park along Rt. 110 north of the Merritt 
Pkwy and just north of the Sikorsky Helicopter factory at the Stratford/Shelton 
town line. I usually park at the corner of a small side street, Pine Tree Trail, 
on the west side of 110.  Then a footpath goes down under the billboard to the 
riverside trail. It's quite a scenic rushing river with waterfalls, etc. (in a 
normal spring).
Here's the link:

I will try to get there today as well.

Frank Mantlik

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Subject: Farm Mill River????

I assume you know where this place is - I can't find anything on my maps or the 
internet.  I find myself with time today and would love to look for the Western 
Tanager.  Any directions you could give me would be appreciated.


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