[CT Birds] Recent Yard Activity

Carole Donagher cdonagher at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 11 13:29:38 EDT 2012

Farmington Yard

4/4 FOY Chipping Sparrow, apparent mate arrived 4/6 and they have been together since.

4/8 There were still about 12 dark-eyed Junco's, although I haven't seen any today.

4/11 Eastern Bluebirds have fledged (could have been yesterday).  I saw at least two young high in an oak today being fed by both parents.

4/11 Pair of Northern Flickers are about the yard and adjacent woods...(male had arrived 4/6, first saw female on 4/10).  With all the storm damage to trees in the woods, it looks like it may be a good year for woodpeckers...sure hope they stay!

Carole Donagher

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