[CT Birds] Red Shouldered Hawks

Marty Swanhall swanhallm at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 21:52:17 EDT 2012

Stopped by the pond at Trolley Bed Road here in Woodbury and saw, amoung
other birds, a red shouldered hawk perched in a tree.  I then saw ripples
in the water and saw either a muskrat or beaver swimming and then
stopping.  Then the hawk 'jumped' down into the water but left empty
handed.  Could the hawk have been going after the 'rodent'?

Also saw: male/female hooded mergs, great blue heron,  red winged
blackbirds, grackles, 2 palm warblers, robins, Canada geese, mockingbird,
starlings, mockingbird, a woodpecker, and a killdeer flying around calling.

Marty in Woodbury

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