[CT Birds] Lake Whitney cycle: FOY Tree & Barn Sw., Gt. Egrets.

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Sat Apr 14 22:49:28 EDT 2012

Lake Whitney, Hamden, cycle.  Btw, the lake is down about 3', with extensive flats opening up, esp. north of Waite, & more should over the next days.  Now, is there a listserv for the birds themselves, to tell them to come & feed?

FOY A. Tree & Barn Swallows, finally.  Boy, can they dart quickly.  Quite a few earlier, some Barnies later in the day.

Later in the day, Mary & I added 2 FOY Gt. Egrets on Lake Whitney, along with an Osprey.  The 4 GBH were in similar locations, and have been there before -- perhaps nesting?  This is the "beach", to the left of the Mill R. mouth, north of Waite.  We also saw several Flickers around, including three together (or one trying to break into a couple?), which I've not seen before.  There seem a lot of flickers around this spring.

Sat., 14 April, 7:30-9:15 a.m., lovely, sunny, quiet, 40's & 50's.

Turkey, Hairy WP, Downy WP, R-B WP, Flicker,
Grackles, R-W BB, Myrtle Warblers (##), M. Doves, House Sp.,
Crow, Robin, B.J., W. Th. Sp., Cardinal, 
Phoebe, Goldfinch, Chick., T.T., Geese,
Wood Ducks, Mallard, Swans, Song S., Tree Sw., 
Barn Sw., Ring B. Gull, Herring Gull, GBHeron (4), DC Corm,
Pigeon, T.Vult., Starling, Junco, Kingfisher
	35 species.

The WThS was singing loudly -- is their spring song louder & more robust that what we gen'ly hear in the winter?

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