[CT Birds] Ovenbird

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Sun Apr 15 10:34:10 EDT 2012

I was told, and forgot to give better details on the early sighting I had on 
Talcott MT Avon April 14th of the Ovenbird.
I looked up my old records, and we had an early Ovenbird seen at Talcott Mt, 
Penwood Park at the Hawkwatch there back in April  27, 1985. My earliest before 
that was May 1st several times.

When I arrived at the Talcott Mt Science center's west facing sundial- (950 ') 
at 9:00 and was getting set up for the Hawk watch, i noticed a Thrush like bird 
in a flowering Maple tree eye level overhanging the talus slide below. I looked 
through the nocks and was surprised to see a neat looking Ovenbird. But here is 
what i saw. My first instant impression was Ovenbird, being an easily recognized 
bird. First was noticed a prominent white eye ring, than an orange crest 
bordered with black., and a bold black mustache, all alleviating any Thrush.  
The bold black breast stripping was clear, and not bold spotting as a Woodthrush 
would have. To me, this bird was unmistakable, and it stayed in the tree for a 
good 20 seconds as I studied it. Then it flew down into the talus rocks covered 
with leaves to i presume look for food. Then I proceeded to  Hawk watch 

Paul Carrier

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