[CT Birds] Brown thrashers - Washington, CT

John D Babington davewb07 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 17 16:48:26 EDT 2012

Had a most pleasant bird surprise about a 45 minutes ago ago (4:15 PM, Tuesday, 17 April 2012) after my Mom who had gone out to the glass enclosed section of our front porch here on South St here in Washington, CT. She told me to come out to the porch because there were two interesting birds she was seeing. Went out to the porch and much to my surprise there were two brown thrashers on the lawn. One of favorites is the brown thrasher. Brown thrashers used to breed on the edge of our property a number of years ago until one of our then outdoor cats caused them to cease breeding  in the area. Hope these brown thrashers consider breeding here because our current cats are indoor cats.

David W Babington
Washington, CT

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