[CT Birds] Stratford Osprey Nest / Deer

Donna Caporaso donnacap at aol.com
Thu Apr 19 08:37:45 EDT 2012

This morning I went to check on the Osprey nest on top of the crane.  The crane was in the down position.  One of the Osprey was circling over it.  Very sad.  The owners probably weren't aware a nest was being built.  I'll keep and eye out to see if they start building one in the other crane or nearby.  

Also, this morning there was a deer crashing into our windows and doors.  No one seemed to know what to do and wouldn't go near the building.  I slowly walked toward it and because I felt the best thing to do was get it away from the windows before it hurt itself.  It went through the parking lot and around to the front of the building and took off along Access Road.  Someone asked if that was normal behavior for a deer or if it was sick because it seemed confused.  It was a smaller sized deer.  Any opinions?


Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT

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